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REGISTRATION FOR ONLINE TUTORIALS: Due to wide spread of epidemic "CORONA VIRUS" and countrywide lockdown , IIH will conduct Ham Radio training ONLINE on specific timings. You can listen, interact directly from your home. for Registration Contact: Dr. S.SATHYAPAL, Director-IIH , Cell: +91 94483 02677 or e-mail: ham7388@gmail.com

                Indian HAM Radio Operators render support to COVID-19 Warriors- A Report.

Photo: Hon'ble Chief Minister of Karnataka Mr. B.S.Yediyurappa acknowledging the support rendered by Indian Institute of Hams, Bengaluru in the fight against COVID-19 L to R: Dr. P.R.S. Chetan, Commander - Civil Defence and Corona warriors team, Mr. B.S.Yediyurappa, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Karnataka State, Dr. S.Sathyapal VU2FI, Director - Indian Institute of Hams, Mr. Gautam Shantappa VU3NOU & Mr. Girish Mathenevar, Leading Head Corona warrior team

Indian HAM Radio Operators render support to COVID-19 Warriors- A Report.

During the last week of March 2020, COVID-19 pandemic triggered an unprecedented lock down of 1.3 billion populationin the country, Bengaluru city - the IT hub of India, was no exception. The Government of Karnataka setup a 'COVID-19 war room' in the Chief Ministers office to create awarenessand to mitigate this enormous crisis situation in the state involving civil preparedness organizations under its administration including Ham Radio operators.

Radio Amateurs all over the world are well known for their commitment to humanitarian service in crisis situations. Though there were no major communication disruptions reported,Hams in India have been voluntarily involved for their services to support and compliment the work of various Government agencies. Indian Institute of Hams, VU2IIH located in Bengaluru under the leadership of Dr. S.Sathyapal, VU2FI made noteworthy contributions to manage the crisis situation putting with over 260 Hams across the city to ensure seamless flow of information through their radio channels. The priorities of the COVID-19 war room include

  • Keeping vigil on those infected and ensuring that it does not spread.
  • Collecting information on all arriving from abroad and keeping track of them.
  • Calling every day and keeping track of those who are on home quarantine for 14 days.
  • Using the format provided by WHO, the war room will be mapping the regions affected, measures taken and monitor the state of implementation.
  • Collecting data on areas affected, families and people residing in them and so on

Our control station in CM's War Room
A 24/7 Command and Control Centre to monitor and keep vigil on the various activities connected to Covid-19 pandemic.

Indian Institute of Hams headed by VU2FI OM Dr. S.Sathyapal, HF and VHF stations set up in the War Room were to provide assistance by extending communication support to the government in the ongoing fight against the COVID-19 in the state. HF and VHF stations were was manned by Ham volunteers round the clock by OM Manjunath, VU3CJM, OM Venkat, VU3OIM. OM Pramod, VU3UJZ and VU3XQI OM Lawrence. Dr. Govindaraj, VU3CII, Mr Mahesh Acharya, VU3MBV, Ms Bhumika, VU3JYP, Mr.Ramesh, VU2YE, Mr. Subramanya Sastry VU2NSL, Mr Pavan VU3TXC, Mr Rajan, VU3JYT, Mr Jegan, VU3JYU, Mr Karunakaran, VU2KNE, Mr Chakrapani, VU3NOP, Mr Lakshmi Narayan, VU3WDJ ( Indian Railways), Mr Likith, VU3ZLS. Mr Sujith Thomas, VU3GEI, Mr Gopal Krishna VU3JTN, Mr Varadan, VU3ITI, Mr Balachander, VU3XEB, Mr Samved Purohit, VU3UPI & Mr. A.R.Prasanna, Dr. Charles Lobo, Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka Cricle, Indian Postal Department, Government of India deputed Mr Aruna, VU3EUD System administer to assist Ham Operations.
A special callsign AT2GOK
(GOK standing for Government of Karnataka) was issued by WPC Wing, Ministry of Communications, Government of India for use in this activity. Nets were conducted on HF and VHF to contact and keep ready local and far away stations operating at 8.00 am to 8.30 am & 7.00 to 7.30 pm IST on frequencies 7.070, 14.170 MHz on HF and 145.275 MHz, 145.500 MHz, on VHF. National Institute of Amateur Radio (NIAR) provided the HF station which was used in the War Room.

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This station was earlier inaugurated over a QSO with OM Rajan, VU3JYT Rajan explaining the importance of such coordinated facilities and actions during such pandemic situations by Mr. SN Siddaramappa, IPS, Commissioner, Information and Public Relations, Government of Karnataka. As the situation with COVID-19 evolved, IIH followed the happenings and regularly prepared reports as per the defined protocol.

The net controllers were OM Manju VU3CJM, OM Ramesh VU2YE & OM Subbu VU2NSL who was operating with his special callsign AT9SS. Many stations from India checked into the net and exchanged information. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) deputed Mr. Mani, VU2WMY to operate from the War Room.There were more than 260 Amateur Radio operators in Bangalore who were assisting the home quarantine Task Force by alerting them. The HAM ACTION FORCE under IIH is a citizen voluntary forum set up 2 static stations and 2 master control stations lead by Dr. S.Sathyapal, VU2FI & Mr Shantappa Gautam, VU3NOU for this purpose. HAM operators also provided communication support to the Government agencies at the Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru. .

Radio communications also coordinated with Pune hams under the leadership of Mr. Vilas Rabde, VU2VPR for helping a team of 65 doctors and nurses while they were returning from Covid-19 duty from Ahmedabad in Gujarat to Hubli in Karnataka.

The print and electronic media regularly reported the noteworthy services by Hams which highlighted the use of amateur radio in mitigating crisis situation. Media reports include on-line news,Doordarshan TV Bengaluru hosted a 1 hour live phone - in program with Dr. S.Sathyapal VU2FI. Red FM Bengaluru also interviewed him live on air appreciating their work. IIH has taken much more responsibility in supporting Government machineries to monitor distribution of Food, Groceries, Law and order, medical issues etc.

The Indian Institute of Hams and the team of Ham Volunteers were in action as Corona Warriors under the leadership of Captain Shri, Manivannan, IAS, Secretary to Govt. of Karnataka & and Chief Coordinator, Home Quarantine, Bengaluru Urban (BBMP limits) complimented Hams for their coordination and a proud of such recognition received from Government of Karnataka.

Indian Institute of Hams (IIH) and its Ham Action Force (HAF) thank its Chairman, Shri. K.Srinivas, IAS., Hon. Chairman COMMISSIONER, Department of Youth Empowerment & Sports,GOK. for his support to their activities during the lockdown period.

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Live Phone In | Use Of HAM Radio During Covid19 Situation |
12 PM | 16-07-2020 | DD Chandana

Bangalore HAM ACTION FORCE during the first phase of COVID-19 Lock down

Thanks to VU3JTN - Gopalkrishna, for making and sharing this video.

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Interview with Dr,S,Sathyapal , VU2FI on Red FM, Bengaluru
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