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Ham Radio is being given high priority in some of the schools, where the students are encouraged to take up Ham Radio to greater heights.  One among them is the Little Lillys School, Bangalore, where the students have succesfully contacted the crew aboard the US Space Shuttle on SAREX missions.

IIH @ Schools IIH @ School
Bangalore Military School is an institution which has a full fledged Ham Radio Station.

Some of the Schools & Colleges in Bangalore where you could find Amateur Radio Clubs are:

Little Lillys School (Mahalakshmi Layout)
Pinewood English School (Vijayanagar)
Bangalore Military School
S.J.R College (Anant Rao Circle)

Do you want your school or college to a have an Amateur Radio Club? All you need to do is contact IIH immediately.

MPLAD Scheme for Ham Radio Clubs in Schools

The Prime Minister on the 23rd of December 1993 announced the "Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme" (MPLADS) in the Parliament.
Under this scheme a Ham club can be setup in high schools or colleges so that the benefits of technological advances can be brought to the students at a young age. Initially a High Frequency ham equipment can be installed at schools.  More advanced ham equipments in VHF, UHF and satellite frequency bands can also be introduced in progressive manner.
The Guidelines on MPLADS by Dept. of Programme Implementation, Govt. of India states that Implementation agencies can be either Government or Panchayat Raj institutions or any other reputed non-governmental organisation who may be considered by the District Head as capable of implementing the works satisfactorily.
For more details on the MPLAD scheme please contact IIH.

IIH @ School IIH @ School